custom made forniture

business card of a beauty salon is its furniture, this is valid both for big brands and for small business.

The colors, the materials and the design are the distinctive character of a commercial space like the brand and are fundamental for the it’s recognition of the mind of costumes.

A furniture with the wrong colors, not functional for the staff, not harmonious with the displayed goods, an anonymous and standardized design can negatively influence the sales and compromise the success of an entire activity.

DEA realizes tailor-made furnishings for every aesthetic activity, as if handcrafted an elegant dress, using the best materials on the market and the craftsmanship of its masters.

In the modern factory, custom-made furniture is made with the modern technologies, expertly working: wood, glass, plastic and plasterboard, satisfying every kind of need and personalization needs every time.

The design team works in harmony with the production department and customers, who are able in a few days to design the new beauty salon concept in a few weeks and actually implement the idea.

The benefits of a custom furniture:
• The possibility of adapting the furniture to small spaces without the problem of the measures;
• Create functional and ergonomic spaces;
• Having a unique and difficult to imitate design;
• Making the Brand more recognizable and incisive.

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